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Super Seq

Super Seq

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Quad Polyrhythmic Step Sequencer

Four 8-Step sequencers with dedicated CV and clock outputs

All four sequencers are synced to a master clock

Clock multiplication / division against master clock by factors of 1 to 16

Four playback modes are available: Forward, Ping Pong, Pedal, and Touch.

Mod switches allowing one sequence to effect the playback of another sequence

Clock stacking between sequencer rows for polyrhythm variations

8 touch pads to override the active playback mode

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Super Seq is a "Quad Polyrhythmic Step Sequencer".

It is a versatile module with four rows and eight steps per row. Each step in every row is equipped with a potentiometer that controls the output control voltage (CV) ranging from 0V to +10V.

Row Controls:

Each row has its own encoder located on the far left. This encoder adjusts the clock division or multiplication factor for that particular row, allowing you to speed up or slow down the sequence playback. The factor can range from 1 to 16.

A 4-stage slide switch is provided for each row to set the playback mode or direction. The available options are:

  • Forward: Sequence plays in a linear forward direction.
  • Ping-pong: Sequence plays forward, then reverses back.
  • Pedal: Sequence plays one step at a time with an external trigger.
  • Touch: Sequence advances based on touch pad interaction (explained later).

Sequence Modification Switches:

Between each row, you'll find two 3-stage toggle switches. The first switch is the "Clock Modification" switch, and the second switch is the "Sequence Modification" switch.

Clock Modification:

By default, when the switch is in the middle position, no modification occurs. However, flipping the switch upwards will combine the clock of the row above it with the clock of the row below it. This allows you to synchronize the advancement of sequences between rows. Flipping the switch downwards achieves the same effect but with the opposite sequence rows.

Sequence Modification:

The Sequence Modification switch enables the modification of sequence playback.

When one sequence modifies another, the current step's potentiometer position of the modifying sequence determines the playback modification event. The available events are:

  • FORWARD: The modified sequence plays forward.
  • REVERSE: The modified sequence plays in reverse.
  • RESET: The modified sequence resets to the beginning.
  • FREEZE: The modified sequence holds its current step.

Touch Pad Interaction:

At the bottom of the module, there is a row of eight touch pads. These touch pads allow for intuitive interaction with the sequences.

  • When you touch any of the touch pads, all four sequences snap to the position indicated by the last touch pad you interacted with.
  • If you prefer to use the touch pads for a single sequence only, each sequence has a dedicated touch pad on the far left. Touching the dedicated touch pad focuses the override feature solely on that sequence.