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OK200 Electronic Instruments

Super Clock

Super Clock

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One clock to rule them all.

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This is a standalone clock module that will give you everything you might need when keeping your euroack system in sync with external gear. It generates an internal clock when no external source is supplied, or takes an external clock source via MIDI or a square wave.


  • Clock Input
  • Clock Output
  • Reset Output
  • MIDI In/Out
  • Encoder for setting BPM (20 - 240 bpm)
  • Switch for setting clock source (Internal, External, or MIDI)
  • Reset button
  • TAP tempo via reset button when encoder is pressed

It additionally acts as a central clock module for other OK200 modules. The idea being: instead of adding extra hardware to each OK200 sequencer (ex. potentiometer, input jack, output jack, etc.), this module connects to each sequencer from the underside using jumper cables and provides a clock signal as well a reset signal, keeping each connected module in sync with one another.